Congresses and Conferences

The results after months of effort

The corporate market is relatively simple in its structure: a client, an agency and participants.

A congress is a much more complicated event: an association organizes the event and invites its members. However there are many other agents which can take part in a congress including speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, press… even public institutions may also be involved when relevant.

The management of registrations, transfers, accommodation, looking after speakers and their presentations and all other related logistical issues, is part of our daily work.

At the same time, there are multiple social events to be organised. Therefore, juggling so many balls and making sure that everything goes according to plan, requires a unique set of skills.

Our experience, the beauty of Mallorca, its excellent flight connections, unparalleled weather and a world-class infrastructure place our city in the top ranking of Spanish venues for congresses.