All the ICTs and techcnological instruments available today may seem to make the Event Managers tasks predictable and easy to carry out. However, there isn´t a software available that can replace the most important feature of good Event Managers: their personal skills.

The members of our team share the following essential skills:

Passion: There is no doubt that this is number 1 in the list. Organising an event is demanding and can be a very stressful task. In order to be able to do it, you have to love it. Without this passion, the long working sessions, the stressful and complicated moments can become unbearable.

On the other hand, nothing beats the gratifying satisfaction of a successful event after months of working hard to make it happen.

Creativity: every new event is like a new born baby, it requires special attention and personalised treatment. We don’t repeat or emulate what our competitors do. In each event we strive to be original and resource efficient.

Intercommunication: a fluid communication is key for any successful event. Organising it requires dealing with all types of people: clients, suppliers, members of government, civil servants…Keeping calm, leading everybody towards the same goal, mending fences, etc. are essential for the final success. This is not achieved by merely being nice and diplomatic, we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground and our goal clear: have everybody following the same roadmap to providing a successful event.

Organisational capability: to arrange an event you have to be very organised, able to establish priorities and have multifunctional capabilities. An Event Manager coordinates many elements and leads many people at the same time. Exceptional organisational skills are required and they cannot be substitued by the best software.

Teamwork spirit: Organising any event, more so when it’s a large one, is only possible with people commited to teamwork. Every piece of the machine has to work like a clock to ensure the perfect event.

Flexibility: If passion is quality number 1, flexibility is not lagging far behind. One certain thing when organising an event is that there is no certainty. Everybody is moving, changing and the unexpected is always popping up. Knowing how to solve this means having a plan B, and C, and all the letters of the alphabet if needed, to overcome all the obstacles and reach the goal.

“Keep calm” attitude: Trouble-shooting is frequent in events management: a speaker missses his/her plane, problems concerning the choices of menu, a supplier not turning up, a broken projector…Maintaining a cool head and focusing on the solution is essential to success. The difference between panicking and feeling the satisfaction of a job well done depends on the ability to solve problems without losing one´s nerve.

All this may sound a little bit crazy and in fact, you have to be crazy to do this job. But in MBS we know that we always have to be aware of every small detail, work with the best, be the first to arrive at and the last to leave the event, and always in good spirits. Because of this, we´ll succeed in our task to help people improve themselves.