The aim of our “Enabling” department is to give efficient assistance to businesses and to promote international firms in Mallorca, with a view to developing alternative types of economic activity to the tourism industry. While doing this we take social and corporate responsibility and sustainability very seriously.

Setting up a business in Mallorca is not an easy task, especially when one doesn´t speak the language, doesn´t know all the requirements or idiosyncrasies… and doesn´t live on the island. It can be a very slow and complex process.

At MBS, we have many years’ experience and a deep knowledge of all industries on the island, we can provide you with bespoke solutions, processes and assistance that will help improve your business.

We help individuals and institutions to test new ideas, widen their impact and find trustworthy partners that will share their passion.

We work with a broad range of representatives from all industries in both private and public sectors, saving you time and resources when pursuing a route to a business opportunity.

We carry out in-depth assessments of our client’s needs and advise them on the best available options. An appraisal of the figures, coupled with our experience, enables us to support the requirements of organizations of all shapes and sizes. Our clients include small family businesses and large multinationals.

We offer a bespoke swift solution to our client’s challenges using a local knowledge-base and a creative approach.

We’re aware of the fact that our clients face general business challenges as well as specific issues in their daily activity. Our goal, regardless of the size or nature of the challenge, is to work with them to find simple and efficient solutions that have a positive impact in the running of their business. And together, we make sure they work.

Do you have an idea that requires collaboration? Or do you need taylor-made assistance for your project? Contact us, we´d be delighted to hear from you! We´ll work together on your core idea and turn it into a successful concept for you and for Mallorca.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that a business initiative is not valued on its financial merit alone, but also on its social merit. We firmly believe that new firms establishing themselves in Mallorca need to combine entrepreneurial and business thinking with societal benefits.

For this reason, we give priority to projects which are environmentally-friendly, promote local produce, support less advantaged groups on the island or promote Mallorca’s more authentic facets such as art, culture and cuisine.