Sport Events

It’s a proven fact that sports promotes the will to succeed and to keep up the fight, solidarity, team work, sacrifice, dedication and last but not least, good health.

Two internationally-known Mallorcan sportsmen, Rafa and Toni Nadal, whose unrivalled levels of passion, commitment and will, are examples to us all, set up the path that we should all follow to better ourselves.

When organising sports events with large numbers of participants and attendants and when using public spaces which are normally outdoors there can be many unplanned and unforeseen challenges…Murphy’s Law! The setting, which adds value to the event, is paramount to creating great expectations and contributing to its success.

At MBS we believe that Mallorca offers the ideal setting and ecosystem, which not only attracts world-class elite sports people but also those visitors who enjoy sports in general. These features enhance our island´s attractiveness.

This is why we work with companies that are committed to the values of sport by sponsoring an event or contributing to the organisation of large international competitions. MBS provides assistance for activities which promote the visibility and success of an event, such as communications, sponsorship, promotional activities, organisational challenges and resource management.

The sponsors, the input from the “stars” to the brand “Mallorca”, and the extensive synergies can open niche markets for other companies and boost a vast industry that will greatly contribute to economic growth, innovation and employment.

Sports values and ethics are without doubt a great starting point.