According to one of the most renowned chefs in Mallorca, the crisis made Spain aware that sun and sand tourism “is not going to be our main income for ever”, and that cuisine is now being used as an added “ identity trademark and tourist attraction”.

Needless to say, Mallorca has a lot to offer in this field.

The gastronomy of the Balearic Islands is typically Mediterranean, its abundant fishing and farming activities give a rich flavour to all its dishes.

The island´s multicultural heritage, the Muslim, Hebrew and Christian influences, together with a deeply rooted wine tradition, give the local cuisine a very distintictive and unique flair.

Some of the traditional dishes are the “Sopes Mallorquines”, a yummy “Arròs Brut”, or “Sobrassada”and other products made from the slaughter of the pig, such as the popular “Frit Mallorqui”. Lovers of produce from the sea can revel in delicious fish and seafood, such as “Anfós a la Mallorquina” or many other varieties of fresh fish. The most popular desert is the “Ensaimada”.

Many chefs are developing a new type of cuisine, in which the traditional Mallorcan flavours have broadened into new and innovative horizons. We have world-class chefs, with more than eight restaurants boasting Michelin stars where the rule is technical excellence, love of the produce, enhancement of flavours and spectacular presentations.

A way of living Mallorca´s genuine flavours.