Island of Calm

According to “The Times”, Palma de Mallorca is the best place to live in the world because “it has everything” and “within easy reach”. This is a statement from the renowned newspaper from 2015, in which it highlights Palma’s exceptional climate, the cultural heritage of the old town: “one of the most pituresque Spanish cities” and its urban beaches.

What else could we add to that? Cosmopolitan, dynamic, bustling, sunny and constantly reinventing itself. This is an island with a unique identity, forged by being a traditional crossroads of cultures and civilizations.

Mallorca may be perceived as purely a tourist destination, but it’s large enough to amaze you with unexpected quiet locations, both inland and on the coastal areas. It has an increasing number of things to do and places for meetings, a rich variety of settings that bring together the city with the sea and the mountains. Summing up, the island offers diversity of natural environments, people and cultures. And everything is within approximately one hour´s drive.

This Mediterranean island has a subtle, mysterious and captivating charm, which allures all those that come here and impregnates their skin and emotions. Maybe Mallorca is a dream that offers everybody what they need or what they are looking for.

A place to enjoy luxury and privacy second to none.

“Mallorca is a paradise, if you can stand it” - Gertrude Stein.