Thanks to its privileged location in the Mediterranean, Mallorca enjoys a unique and mild climate.

The main feature of the island´s natural setting is its blue and pristine clear sea, with its transparent and relatively mild water, to be enjoyed anywhere around its coastline.

There are approximately 300 sunny days per year, in winter the daily average being more than 5 hours of sun per day, while in summer the sun shines for more than 10 hours a day.

The island, due to its 2,400 hours of sunshine per year, its beaches and its sea, is an extremely attractive location.

January 15ºCJuly 31ºC
February 15ºCAugust 31ºC
March 18ºCSeptember 28ºC
April 20ºCOctober 24ºC
May 24ºCNovember 19ºC
June 28ºCDecember 16'5ºC