Private Events

When organising a congress, an incentive or corporate event we are mainly focused on people, even more so when we are organising private events.

Our passion is to leave our client with a memorable experience, not only because of the services we offer, but also because of the way we deliver these services and the efforts of our team.

We are convinced that the future is in the hands of those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, and we are committed to quality and a personalised service to help fulfil those dreams.

Receiving messages such as:

“The venue was wonderful, the photocall was better than a gala event, but above all, entering the room was breathtaking: all the details were perfect… the stands, the lighting, the atmosphere… we knew we had an exciting night ahead of us.”

“We had a great time and were highly impressed by your organizational skills and your ability to bring people together”

“Congratulations for being so professional, and for being dedicated and caring towards your projects”

“I’d like to tell you that I was very impressed last Saturday by your company´s marketing, organisational and presentation skills. No doubt your success is due to doing your job with passion, charm and whole heartedly.”

We want all clients to be our ambassadors when sharing the value of our services with their friends. For MBS the true measure of our success is the loyalty of our clients.